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Welcome to Neuenhauser Technology Inc.

Neuenhauser Technology

Our Business activities in North America

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Full service System-Provider

Symtech Inc.

Symtech Inc.

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Phone: +1 (864) 578-7101

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Symtech is a solution provider and distributor of textile machinery, accessories, and components. Together with our Partners we offer expertise and equipment for most segments of the industry. With in-house capability for technical sales, installation, repairs, and field service, we provide the industry with the highest quality of machinery and components available and offer local support services. This combination lets the textile manufacturing customer derive the most from their investment.

Automation in Spinning

Central Palletizer

Depending on specific requirements, the central palletizer allows for customized pallet types and depositing patterns. Suitable for cylindrical and conical packages, unlimited patterns of movement and gentle handling of packages.

A Clear Task
Single Palletizer

A single palletizer can process a big number of packages per hour. Designed to be added to a single OE-frame or to a group of winding unit this palletizer is guaranteed to handle packages in a gentle manner.

Full Cans
Can Transport System CanTrac

Ideal for small to medium size installations, CanTrac is floor mounted. Cans are guided by a push and pull system. The level of automation can be partial to fully automatic.

Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Round and Rectangular Sliver Can Transport

A transport system for ultimate flexibility and without clutter on your plant floor. Automatic Guided Vehicles keep your plant floor open without the need for obstructive guiding systems. Adaptable to almost any environment.

Fast Tracks
Roving bobbin transport System TEXTRA

A system of overhead rails, curves and switches to move flyer bobbins from the roving frame to the spinning machine. Trains of roving bobbins are driven and moved by friction rolls along the track system.

AGV Vacuum Cleaner

AGV Vacuum Cleaning System to remove debris/dust/fibers and clean the floor in specified areas at your spinning resp. weaving plant.

Quality every Time
QCS – Automatic Quality Control System for Packages

The Automatic Quality Package Control System, QCS for short, controls the tube pattern or tube code under white light. Under black light (UV light) it checks material mixing and homogeneity.

Batch Winder

Great in Standard Applications

Compact, competitively priced and equipped with the necessary features, the Eco winder is perfect and a very economical solution for narrow standard fabrics. The winder guarantees continues roll quality in a continues manufacturing process.

A Flexible talent


Multi means Flexible for this winder. For technical applications such as conveyor belt fabrics, fabrics for covering applications, glass and more, the MultiWinder can be configured for these demanding applications.

For Big Jobs
CenterWinder AF / CF

The Neuenhauser CenterWinder model AF and CF can wind unusual and customize roll-dimensions. By design very loosely wound rolls or oversized rolls up to DIA 1.8m are all possible with CenterWinder AF/CF.

Jordan Renfrow

Jordan Renfrow

Phone: +1 (843) 902-6354

E-Mail: jrenfrow(at)

Grant Shuler

Grant Shuler

Phone: +1 (704) 689-8987

E-Mail: gshuler(at)

Dan Ceremuga

Dan Ceremuga

Phone: +1 (864) 542-4216

E-Mail: dceremunga(at)

Lutz Schwering

Lutz Schwering

Phone: +1 (864) 4834283

E-Mail: lutz.schwering(at)

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